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「盆景」は平安時代に唐から日本に入り、鎌倉時代に「盆栽」となり武士階級の趣味として広く普及した文化。 伝統ある盆栽を手軽に楽しめるアート作品となっている。

Bonsai (tray planting) entered Japan from the Tang Dynasty during the Heian period, and became widespread as a hobby of the samurai class in the Kamakura period. Re-transcribed into modern art, traditional bonsai has becomes here more accessible and enjoyable. Chirimen is used for the trunk of the pine, whereas leaves are represented by mizuhiki (rice paper cord).

size: W450.H400.D380
materials: ちりめん生地,和紙 Chirimen-textile,Washi

株式会社夢み屋YUMEMIYA Co.,Ltd.


Chirimen (crape textile) is a traditional Japanese fabric, cherished as a material for the Japanese kimono. Often made of silk, but also with wool or synthetic fiber fabric, this material shows unique fine wrinkles on the surface and therefore a smooth and pleasant texture. Since its establishment in 1975, YUMEMIYA designs and produces products that incorporate new perspectives into the traditional materials, such as easy-to-use accessories, seasonal decorations and interior goods.


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