糸目アートパネルITOME artpanel

  • * 2020
  • * 2020


An art panel that expresses various motifs using the technique of "ITOME," which is a traditional technique of Kyoto hand-painted Yuzen dyeing.

size: (left)W300.H1200.L17 (right)W900.H900.L17
materials: 絹,和紙,木(杉) Silk,Japanese paper,Wood(Cedar)

吉川染匠株式会社YOSHIKAWA SENSHO Co., Ltd.


YOSHIKAWA SENSHO has been involved in Yuzen dyeing since its founding in 1890. We have delivered Yuzen, a variety of techniques created by the fashion of the time and the sensibility of the owner, to a wholesaler in Muromachi, Kyoto. We are creating unique kimonos by effectively utilizing the advanced original technique that we have learned and inherited over the course of four generations. We are also expanding into new fields such as artwork by utilizing that technique.


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