金彩折敷KINSAI oshiki

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  • * 2022


A tray made by applying real gold and platinum leaf to Japanese paper and enclosing it in resin. A wonderful addition to the dining table, where the tray’s elegant brilliance and the delicate beauty of reflected light perfectly complement both the food and the tableware.

size: W270.H10.L190
materials: エポキシ樹脂,プラチナ箔,本金箔,和紙 Epoxy resin,Platinum foil,Goldleaf,Paper
price: ¥30,000+tax



For nearly 100 years and three generations, the company has specialized in the foil stamping of Kyo-sensu (Kyoto folding fans). In 2022 the company’s representative, Shinji Yonehara, was awarded the Order of the Sacred Treasure, Silver Rays. Kyo-sensu foil stamping has been handed down to the present day as an exquisite visual representation of emotionally powerful concepts closely associated with traditional Japanese arts such as Noh theater and the tea ceremony. As technology has developed, Yonehara has actively incorporated new materials and combinations of materials, and is committed to passing on Japanese virtues to future generations.


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