織物アートパネルTextile Artpanel

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Jidai-gire Prototype
A prototype patchwork of weavings that have spawned innovative weaves. An art panel collecting techniques and the aesthetic sense of craftsmen- pioneers who have always anticipated the trends of their time.

size: W200.H700.D30
materials: 絹,木 Silk,Wood

渡文WATABUN Co.,Ltd.


Since its establishment in 1906, and over three generations, WATABUN master weavers have been weaving and producing silk textiles in the renowned Nishijin, Japan’s premier textile production area in Kyoto. The firm’s skills and contributions have been highly appreciated, producing many medal recipients and traditional craftsmen. WATABUN has always been a leader and pioneer in each era, not only in weaving technology and beauty of product, but also by seeking new forms of expression to sustain and enrich all the expertise handed down by history and tradition.


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