木製グラスWooden glass

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  • * 2020


A wooden glass made using Buddhist altar-making techniques. A variety of materials are combined with wood (such as cypress and ebony) and metal (such as stainless steel and brass).

size: W70.H70.L70
materials: 木,漆,ステンレス,真鍮 Wood,Lacquer,Stainlesssteel,Brass

ユーエンアート株式会社U-en Art Inc.


SUtilizing the technique of making Buddhist altar fittings that combine wood and metal, we are proposing a new design of wooden lacquer ware using lacquer, which is a traditional Japanese craft. Among the lacquer ware, those with gorgeous decoration are often regarded as appreciation items overseas. However, as a practical craft with less decorativeness, it is being transmitted to the world along with traditional Japanese culture.


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