竹節皿Bamboo joint plate

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  • * 2022


This unique plate is crafted from bamboo with natural cracks, then the parts are jointed together with lacquer and gold. It is not only elegant but also durable as tableware.

size: (S)Φ80.H20mm (M)Φ100.H34mm (L)Φ130.H36mm
materials: 竹,漆 Bamboo,Lacquer
price: ¥+tax



By constantly dedicating ourselves to fulfilling customer wishes to the fullest extent possible and continually handing down traditional techniques for more than 300 years, we have pursued the design, production and installation of everything from daily-use implements and accessories to bamboo garden fences. Today, we make full use of Kyo-meichiku (Genuine Kyoto Bamboo) as well as innovative approaches combined with techniques passed down from TAKEMATA artisans of past generations as we propose and create bamboo products designed to harmonize with contemporary lifestyles.


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