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A suminagashi-like pattern is created by fusing multiple metals. Molds conventionally used as incense burners are stripped of their decorations and reborn as vases or accessory containers.

size: φ135.H55mm
materials: 銅合金(二種類) Copper alloy

株式会社関崎SEKIZAKI Co.,Ltd.


Since its establishment in 1930, the company has been mainly engaged in the wholesale of Kyoto Buddhist altar fittings in Kyoto City, and in 1959 it opened the Itsuho Workshop and began its own production. Each craftsman has inherited the ancient techniques of the past, and by utilizing traditional wisdom and valuing advanced handcraft techniques and sensibilities, SEKIZAKI is promoting manufacturing that will lead to the future while preserving the metal crafts of Kyoto Buddhist altarware. Careful thought about the expression in casting and forging gives the metals shape.


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