螺鈿アートパネルRADEN Artpanel

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  • * 2020


An art panel expressing the surface of water with a raden decorative technique inlaid on the lacquer.

size: W300.H300.L5
materials: 漆,貝殻,アルミ Lacquer,Shell,Aluminum



Saga Raden Nomura is the only company in Kyoto that manufactures and sells Aogai and Raden. Raden is a decorative technique used in lacquerware. It uses a thin, rainbow-colored layer of mother-of-pearl cut from the shell and inlaid into the lacquer. From base-painting to decoration, Saga Nomura Raden takes at least 3 months to complete the 60-100 process. The product manufacture is based on "special technology in pursuit of brilliance and thinness."


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伝統工芸士:野村守Made by Nomura Mamoru (Traditional Craftsman)