引箔アートパネル nobeganeHIKIHAKU artpanel nobegane

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  • * 2022


This art panel portays the "star river" (Milky Way), an obi (kimono belt) of light floating in the night sky. The artist uses hikihaku, one of the traditional production processes for making kimono belts, to express the glittering gold and silver which is characteristic of Nishijin brocade obi. Since ancient times craftsmen have used both precious hikihaku textile material and the traditional hikikaku weaving technique to create the highest quality Nishijin textiles.

size: W500.H1200.L28mm
materials: 木,銀箔,本真珠,漆,ウレタン塗料等 Wood,Silverleaf,pearl,Lacquer,Urethane paint etc.
price: ¥300,000+tax



Rakgei Kobo was founded in 1989 as a direct-managed workshop and design department of Murata Shoten, a foil shop with a long history in Nishijin, Kyoto. Over the years, we have been manufacturing the traditional technique of "hikihaku", a speciality of Nishijin textile, and we continue to support and protect this technique of weaving foil, which is said to have been developed over 300 years ago.
The founder, Teruyoshi Murata (the second generation Zenemon), inherited the artistry and advanced techniques of Nishijin-ori, a world-renowned craft of which he was the proud owner, while actively working to create new craftsmanship that transcended the boundaries of traditional craftwork. While creating contacts with a wide range of genres such as art, design, interior design, and fashion, they proposed innovative designs for the domestic and international market.


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伝統工芸士:村田紘平Made by Kohei Murata (Traditional Craftsman)