唐紙木版モザイクパネルWoodcut-wall sculpture

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Kyo Karakami Woodcut Nami-kusa -wave and grass- motifs
A collection of small and large wooden plates engraved with waves and grass, using traditional patterns passed down from ancient times, allowing us to admire the serene contrast between the tranquility of the wood material and the dynamism of a sculpture.

size: W750.H1500.D40
materials: 木 Wood



KYO KARAKAMI MARUNI is a manufacturer and distributor of Kyoto's traditional printed paper (Kyo Karakami), founded in 1902 in Kyoto. Thanks to the approximately 300 19th century hangi woodblocks currently owned by KYO KARAKAMI MARUNI, the patterns of the past, coloring materials, tools, and traditions are preserved. KYO KARAKAMI MARUNI develops products based on traditional techniques and patterns. The unique texture of human hand and wood can be incorporated not only in traditional architecture, but also in modern architectural spaces, stores, hotels and Japanese inns, imparting the Essence of Japan into such domains as wallpaper, art panels, partitions and lighting.


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