ティーカップ・ソーサーCup and saucer

  • * 2020
  • * 2020


Using the traditional technique of Kiyomizu ware, aesthetic nuances such as haziness and smoke are expressed with a unique glaze.

size: (Vase)W70.H94.L70 (cup)W63.H62.L63 (saucer)W105.H19.L105
materials: 磁器 Porcelain

有限会社洸春陶苑KOSHUN TOUEN Co.,Ltd.


KOSHUN TOUEN is a workshop that has continued for three generations in the Hiyoshi district, which is famous as one of the leading ceramic producing areas in Kyoto. We manufacture a wide range of tea ware and everyday tableware by making full use of the "koshi ware technology" with impressive bright colors. The delicate pattern expression that is characteristic of koshi ware is based on the "Icchin" technique, in which clay is melted into a paste and squeezed out of the bag like an icing cookie. In recent years, based on shipbuilding technology, we have been developing products in the construction field such as lighting equipment, art panels, interior signboards, hand washing machines, and tiles.


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伝統工芸士:高島慎一Made by Takashima Shinichi (Traditional Craftsman)