百鶴アートパネルSilverLeaf artpanel

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  • * 2021


One Hundred Cranes
Paper cranes are made by folding square paper to resemble a crane, the symbol of peace. A kaleidoscopic art panel in which 100 folded paper cranes are shaped with silver foil paper, then each piece is treated according to a traditional process, in order to obtain a burnt appearance, unfolded and re-transformed into a piece of paper. The craftsman’s know-how dedicated to the conservation and restoration of works of art is used here to create an object of prayer for peace.

size: W1000.H1000.D40
materials: 銀箔,木 SilverLeaf,Wood

株式会社弘誠堂KOSEIDO Co.,Ltd.


Moved by a sense of mission to “transmit to future generations” works of art handed down by our ancestors, KOSEIDO is a workshop involved in every kind of restoration process, from the full scale restoration of cultural heritage properties to the cleaning and repair of various objects such as hanging scrolls, folding or sliding screens, frames, scrolls, books, etc. KOSEIDO also actively participates in new areas of work such as developing display and mounting techniques, suitable for the contemporary housing environment.


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伝統工芸士:田中善茂Made by Tanaka Yoshishige (Traditional Craftsman)