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A frameless lampshade using origami technology developed by ICW Innovative Craft Works LLC. The unique textures of washi or karakami paper create a Japanese-style space.

size: Φ300.H90mm
materials: 黒谷和紙、和紙加工紙、アクリル、MDF Paper,Acrylic,MDF
price: ¥25,000+tax
design: STUDIO JIN 平瀬尋士

ICWイノベーティブクラフトワークス合同会社ICW Innovative Craft Works LLC


A company made up of a group of craftsmen who develop, manufacture, and sell interior goods that fit modern lifestyles, utilizing the traditional techniques of Kyo-hyogu, which has been handed down for over 1,300 years. The company's most popular product, "Setto-ka" origami lighting, has been highly acclaimed for its design and functionality, and was granted a patent in 2018.


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Mail : icw.kyoto21@gmail.com