お重箱BENTO box

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  • * 2020

Designer: Andrea Ponti (Ponti Design Studio Ltd.)

A BENTO box designed with the motif of the streets and rivers of Kyoto. It is made of hiba wood and has a lacquered finish.
Designer: Andrea Ponti (Ponti Design Studio Ltd.)

size: W220.H226.L220
materials: 漆,木 Lacquer,Wood



HYOBODO is an expert in lacquer crafts. We produce and restore many Japanese temples and shrines and arts and crafts. We are exploring new expressions by creating various arts that are connected to the present age with various materials unique to Japan such as lacquer, Japanese paper, gold leaf, and patina and craft techniques using them. Incorporating traditional lacquer techniques and expressions just before the lacquer work is completed, we are developing it into art panels and products.


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