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A stand-up wind chime with a pleasant sound made by the natural breeze.

size: W80.H205.L80mm
materials: 砂張(錫/銅)、真鍮(銅/亜鉛)、ステンレス、木、紙 Tin,Copper,Brass,Stainless,Wood,Paper
price: ¥50,000+tax



Since its founding before 1804, FUTAKATAYA has been dedicated to making metal products such as Buddhist altar fittings, orin, and musical instruments for the Gion Festival. With the excellence of sound quality as its top priority, the company continues to preserve and protect its original techniques and traditional material "sahari". Starting with the careful selection of raw mountain clay for the molds used in casting, each piece is carefully and meticulously handled from mold making to metal casting, metal processing, final inspection, and sales. On the other hand, palm-sized metalware with soothing sounds, creative orin rings, bicycle bells, and other items made using rare and unique techniques to produce elegant and pleasant tones, and are widely accepted as works of art.


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伝統工芸士/京の名工:白井克明Made by Shirai Katsuaki (Traditional Craftsman)