飾り皿SAYA Ceramics

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Assiettes décoratives / Decorative dishes
The sayas (saggars) used at the time of operation of the Noborigama. These containers were used in the firing of pottery to enclose or protect wares being fired inside the kiln. Unused and put aside, the sayas are here transformed into vases or decorative plates, thanks to the enameling of FUJIHIRA TOUGEI, and thus upcycled and given an extra dimension.

size: Φ135.D50/Φ65.D55/Φ170.D45/Φ200.D55 (bowl)Φ160.D100 (plate)Φ250.D30
materials: 土 Clay



FUJIHIRA TOUGEI is a pottery dedicated to the manufacture of ceramics founded about 100 years ago in Gojô-zaka, the birthplace of Kiyomizu-yaki, where vases, tea bowls, containers, tables and other types of artistic ceramics are designed and made.The Ex-Fujihira Climbing Kiln is one of several kilns surviving today in the Gojô-zaka area. This kiln has preserved its original style, therefore making it a precious cultural asset. FUJIHIRA TOUGEI produces the innumerable varieties of their creations in small quantities, thus honoring the beauty of hand-made production and bringing the rare value of unique pieces to its customers.


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