シルクガラスアートパネルWall sculpture

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WA (tie - match)
Cherish the harmonized ties of Japanese Culture –Revealing wa and the beauty of tying, by connecting and overlaying glass and kimono textiles.

size: W580.H660.D50
materials: 絹,硝子 Silk,Glass



Since its establishment in 1917 in Kyoto, EMURA SHOUTEN has been working under the yagô (family brand name) of Wa (和). Referring to a Japanese cultural concept, this character is usually translated into English as “harmony,” which implies a peaceful unity and conformity within a community. Emura Shouten’s primary activity is as a kimono wholesaler, employing white fabric (Shiro-Kiji),Oshima Tsumugi, Yûki Tsumugi, or Echigo textiles, among others, to produce the famous Kyo-Kimono. In addition, the company has also started making Yûzen-Utsuwa and Nishijin-Utsuwa wares, by integrating kimono textiles into glass or a glass plate. Developing, blending and accepting the New while honoring the Old, EMURA SHOUTEN perfectly fuses modern culture and traditional industries, while preserving the core of the wa spirit.


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