鹿の子絞アートパネル 深光·深陰SHIBORI artpanel deep light·deep shadow

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  • * (L) deep light (R) deep shadow 2023


The light that is born in the pure white world of dawn and the moonlight reflected on the surface of the water in the jet-black world of midnight. The scenery on the two art panels is created by the outstanding techniques of dyeing and shibori.

size: W500.H1200.L20mm
materials: 絹,合板 Silk,Wood
price: (deep light)¥396,000+tax (deep shadow)¥456,000+tax

鹿の子絞アートパネル 深雪SHIBORI artpanel deep snow

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  • * 2022


This art panel depicts silvery snow fluttering in a winter landscape.Notice the exquisitely subtle gradation of light gray tones.

size: W500.H1200.L20mm
materials: 絹,木 Silk,Wood
price: ¥330,000+tax

鹿の子絞アートパネル 深緑·深海SHIBORI artpanel deep forest·deep sea

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  • * (L) deep forest (R) deep sea 2021

深緑 deep forest

深海 deep sea

deep forest
This latest work in the series takes inspiration from the natural world, depicting the shores of a deep forest. The trees reflected on the surface of the water are sucked deep into the lake by water bubbles.

deep sea
When looking up at the sky from the bottom of the deep sea, bubbles emerge one after another on the surface of the sea as if chasing light, and before you know it, they have become part of the light. The gradation from dark blue to white is also expressed by the bubbles which are squeezed one by one by hand. Winner of the National Traditional Crafts Open Call Exhibition 2020 and 2021.

size: W500.H1200.L20
materials: 絹,木 Silk,Wood

鹿の子絞ランプシェードSHIBORI Lampshade

  • * 2020


The squeezed part of the cloth is then dyed to make a polka dot pattern. Soft light permeates the unevenness of the fabric.

size: (生地サイズ Fabric size)W360.H480
materials: ポリエステル Polyester

鹿革絞ウェーブパネルSHIBORI Artpanel

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  • * 2019


Art panels show the unique overlapping and spontaneous expression of tie and dye techniques and deer leather characteristics. A curved base plywood support creates the waving surface.

size: W500.H760.D20
materials: 鹿革,木 Leather,Wood



KYOTO SHIBORI BIKYO, founded in 1937 in Kyoto, inherits an 80-year old tradition, manufacturing kimonos and obis made with Kyo Kanoko Shibori tie-dyeing techniques. With the creation of the fashion goods brand “KIZOMÉ” in 2016, KYOTO SHIBORI BIKYO combines Kyo Kanoko Shibori’s traditional methods with the latest 3D digital technology. The traditional craftsmen of KYOTO SHIBORI BIKYO strive to revive the Japanese traditional clothing industry, by focusing on Japan-made dyed products to be distributed all over Japan and overseas.


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伝統工芸士:松岡輝一Made by Matsuoka Kiichi (Traditional Craftsman)